Uphold : count "under review" (and checked-confirmed since May 2019)

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Maybe the schmilblik can be unraveled right here: first of all, big thanks to what Brave (Rewards) brings. For small entities, BATs are appreciable and allow, as a content creator, to practice tips in a fun and simple way, in one click.

Unfortunately, for a few years, Uphold (for certain European countries), one of the partners of this Brave program (unfortunately no others and in France, to simplify the procedures and, perhaps, the communication), makes life very hard to users.
Under non-profit entity, since May 2019 (validated account, verified by Uphold support), this cryptocurrency platform requires documents. In May, it passed, in February 2023, it no longer passes (unchanged activity: donations in BATs, since Brave Rewards, nothing more, really).

One day, the account goes into review (under review): documents are then requested to be transmitted digitally (sensitive data such as an identity document which had already been provided… but re-requested… for about a year.

What happened, clearly, is that Uphold now asks us to switch to a Pro account where before it was not requested (in May 2019). Noting that the Pro account form (Europe) is not suitable for certain legal entities (foundations, associations) and that certain documents cannot be provided (you must force the form in the PJs by putting the same documents to validate this form …) because they do not exist.

Clearly, the account is in total distrust of their side but that is not said, of course. This account is blocked for no reason, without legal basis… all this for a few BATs, in a year or an accounting year, which pass.

Uphold validates a Pro account for an average of 15 days (no acceleration for this blockage which has been going on for a few weeks…).
Everything is in order on the side of the entity: this way of turning people away (outside the United States, because Uphold is a private American company) is unethical and, in part, unfounded, legally (entity with all documents in order in France). If not to kick some Uphold members out, what good is all that… pretty heartbreaking.

No recourse possible: online assistance (partly under AI? the messages being quite syntactical with many links) is going around in circles.

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