Uphold Conected and veryfed to browser,Withdraw not working

Uphold Conected and veryfed to browser,Withdraw not working. I was get yestrday some bat on 5.10 from ADS earning. When I try to withdraw to my Uphold acount they redirect me but withdraw is zero. I was first sucess withdrawed 0.80 bat from august what was remained and the rest was stayed in my bat browser acc. So When I will be able withdrawed normaly the rest of my bat from ads ???

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same here, I have bat balance earned for watching ads but in uphold the balance is ZERO. Although it is 6th October have to deposited by now.

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I have the problem, When I push The button for withdraw from my Bat Browser they automatcly reconnect me to Uphold, But withdraw its not happening, Balance remain Zero. Only maybe there isposibillity that withdraw will be able after 8. in month or will be automaticly sended from bat browser to uphold like in publisher or creator acc. Its there any staff Who could explain whats happening ???

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Check out this post, it explains a bit!

Exacly, We are speaking here about eranings from ads and not from downloaded browsers from refereals. And I have exacly version v 0.69 and I have withdraw button in my bat browser and verifed Uphold. But withdraw not working, I was withdarw only 0.80 Bat tokne what was remained in my earnings from ads from august. The rest what I was get in 5.octobor was remained in my browser balanc. So where is the problem ??

Hello, @GentlemanJack and everyone!
This questions has come up quite a bit, so I’m going to quote myself if I may:

Thanks for reaching out. This is likely because, as it is now, only BAT earned/accrued after verifying can be withdrawn into your Uphold account. So, assuming you verified today, this simply means that you haven’t (yet) earned BAT after verification.

Further, if you’ve been viewing Brave Ads in browser, you’ll likely have a payout coming up on the 5th of this month – now that you’re verified, this payment will be able to be withdrawn when you receive it. As for the remaining BAT in your browser wallet, the Rewards team is working on a way to transfer over “old” BAT to Uphold as well, although I do not have a date or timeline for when this particular option will be available.

Please let me know if the above is unclear or if you have any further questions.


Is on 5th each month the BAT will be sent automatically to my uphold account or I should press Withdraw Funds button.

in night build brave I have earned enough BAT and verified uphold wallet and connected to brave about 2 months ago but fund have not transferred to my uphold account yet. WHY?

Can you please open a new topic with your relevant details in it so we can address it properly?
Thank you.