Uphold.com verify account upload id blocked without shield OFF? category:5


Any others encountering this phenomena I’m on Windows x64 - seems a bit counter intuitive given Brave Payments linked to Uphold platform and this would confuse ‘users’ - Perhaps need to caution ‘users’ to turn off Shield before proceeding to uphold.com when performing an authentication screen process


Do you have Block all Fingerprinting enabled on uphold.com? You can set it to block 3rd party fingerprinting and continue to use the site without having to disable shields.


Thanks Sriram, your input has solved the mystery for me. Scenario is upload.com website makes a call to netverify (jumio) to process identity verification of new accounts, hence to function the user (me) must ‘allow all fingerprinting’ temporarily for duration of ‘identity verification process’ within the session on uphold.com website. Cheers Stio

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