Uphold.com took all my BAT and I didn't even use the browser on my phone

I just installed Brave on my phone which I use infrequently.

And today all the BAT I had in my wallet was withdrawn and sent to uphold.com.

Impossible for you to think it was correct to send 5 BAT and then 4.95 BAT to a “publisher” (uphold.com), which was accessed only because I had to log in to the site when linking the wallet in Brave.

It takes 3 months to give me 9.95 BAT and they take it all in one day.

I feel completely cheated with Brave

Make sure Auto contribute is off on brave://rewards/ on all devices linked to Uphold. Brave is planning to notify users before Auto contribute is sent- https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/15308

Bro, Brave finds every possible reason to not pay up - This is what I have noticed. My account has been “Flagged” all year and I have received no rewards. I barely know how to use a VPN and I do for forex trading. I don’t have any clue why they even flagged me still.


Yea! And when he pays, he never sends all the money, always leaves something in the browser, every month it happens to me and there are several reports here on the forum.

I like the browser, but these attitudes are “strange”. I will soon uninstall if nothing changes.


Welcome to my world.

I am same.

And posted this comment from Mozilla… LoL

Bye Bye Brave…

Unflag me or I will not use Brave.

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