Uphold canceled my account and I can't integrate with Brave

I’m from Brazil and uphold closed my account. Said I am no longer able to use the platform and will not be able to open another account in my name.
When will Brave make another platform available to aggregate my region? How do I get my BATs? I don’t want to give my coins to any creator. This makes me very upset with the community. Why can’t I send my rewards to the Brave integration wallet? This should be resolved.

You can’t send BATs rewards into the Brave Wallet because of government regulations. That would require Brave to do KYC / AML for each User which is something they don’t wish to, at the moment.

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Nobody knows.

If talking about the ones in Uphold, you should be able to submit a Uphold Support Ticket and they’ll let you withdraw it. The only reason they won’t is if they have enough evidence to believe you were committing fraud or in some other ways used “deceit” to obtain the funds.

As to receiving future pay, it should end up paying out to your browser where it will be stored. You can always confirm that and make sure the connection to Uphold does not still exist by creating a Rewards Support Ticket

They have explained this but it comes down to legalities and accountability. KYC/AML aspect is a major part, but there’s more to it I just can’t remember and don’t fully understand.

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