Uphold Brave Issues

Hi all,

My experience using Uphold with the latest version of Brave (on a 2011 MacBook Air) has thus far been marked with friction. Two weeks ago, for whatever reason, I was having trouble registering on Uphold with Brave. I can’t remember exactly what was wrong anymore, but I believe it had to do with the interface just not responding, like not being able to submit the registration form. I wound up using Firefox to register.

Now, as I try to become verified on Uphold, I’m having more difficulties. When I try to submit a photo of my ID, I always get the following error (see screenshot). This has happened three times in a row now, and my Internet connection is fine. Next time, I’m going to again try using Firefox; I’ll report back here then. In the meantime, I think the developers of Brave should look very hard at making sure Brave works with Uphold. Of all the sites it needs to support, that seems to be one of them right now. I’m happy to attempt to answer any questions, and I’m very curious to see if anybody else is having the same experience.

Just to provide an update on this, I tried the verification in Firefox, and it worked without issue.

Sorry you had these difficulties but I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We’ll let Uphold know.

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