Uphold BAT Account regularly emptied by @BravePublishers in multiple transactions

Hello guys,

I’m here with what is a very bizarre and major issue, and I haven’t seen any other topics that look similar. At least not on the front page of this category.

Every time BAT gets deposited to my Uphold wallet from BraveRewards, it is nearly instantly drained again by a series of 5BAT (My monthly contribution limit) transactions. I spoke to Uphold who suggested I should speak to you guys about this.

To give the most recent example, I was recently awarded 44.2 BAT from Brave Rewards (12/07/2019 4:37 am) - within 7 hours of it being deposited by Uphold account now sits at very close to 0 BAT.
There were:

8x 5.0 BAT transactions to @BravePublishers
1x 4.2 BAT Transaction to @BravePublishers
All around 12/07/2019 1:07 pm

This has happened several times since the October or November payouts, and I’ve lost over 200BAT from this issue.

I’m hesitant to publish anymore information regarding my accounts, so if more information is needed please reach me at the email address on my forum account.

I run brave on:

2x Windows PCs
1x iPhone

All three are verified with my uphold account, all three are set to 5 BAT monthly contributions.


Another thing, Some more weird transactions:

15:54 - Today: “You Received 0.0000003 BAT to Brave Software International”
15:54 - Today: “You Sent 0.0000003 BAT to Brave Software International”

This exact thing (Instant 0.0000003 BAT transactions from/ to brave) has happened multiple times too.

Is Auto-Contribute enabled on any of these devices? This would explain the behavior, as it queues up payments for verified publishers based on how much time you’ve spent on them.

There’s a lingering bug, too, that causes some people to have Auto-Contribute activated automatically: For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug

If you believe you were impacted by this issue and do not want to allow these contributions, please email our support at support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org.

The subject line of your email should be “Auto-Contribute Issues”. Please include 2 pieces of information in your email:

  1. Open up brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut and paste the information into your email. Do not share this information with anyone else!
  2. Let us know the estimated amount of BAT you believe you lost as a result of the Auto-Contribute bug.

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