Uphold Automatically sending BAT to @BravePublishers

I am using the Brave version 1.4.95 on MacOS.

My Uphold account seems to have automatically sent all my BAT (19.4) to @BravePublishers without my consent, while Brave itself shows me still having my 19.4 BAT in my possession. I have clicked withdraw funds, but that only takes me to Uphold and my now empty BAT wallet.

Where did my BAT go to and why?

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Hi @ceramicmonster, you likely had Auto-Contribute enabled. Auto-Contribute is automatically turned on when you turn on Brave Rewards.

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Auto-Contribute is off completely. I went and looked and found no monthly contributions set up.

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Hey, so sorry we missed you!

If you send me your email address, I’ll send you a full refund.

I have the same problem as ceramicmonster. Auto-Contribute is off and today I looked in my Uphold-Account and recognized a debit of 20 BAT to @BravePublishers without my consent.

For a while I had the problem that Auto-Contribute was activated automatically after some updates and two times sent around 5 BAT each. This lost was annoying enough so that since I recognized this I frequently check my browser if Auto-Contribute is deactivated… so I can say, that it was definitely off at the time the 20 BAT has been debited.

Now I already have lost 30 BAT over all due to this unwanted Auto-Contributions. I like the browser but this is annoying! :frowning_face:

Hi @Asad,

It happened to me last night as well, my auto-contribution is off, I have checked its off for both my Desktop and IOS mobile applications. Are you able to assist?

How can I avoid facing this problem in future?

@Chezar @Okanewayne yes, I can help. Send me a DM with your brave://rewards-internals data along with the estimated amount of BAT you lost.

I issued you a refund along with a bonus :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience!

I have this exact same problem. I emailed support and no one replied to anything. Lost 5 BAT to it giving it to brave publishers with auto contribute being shut completely off. Also there is no claim rewards button for this month’s earnings. It’s flat out not there even though I have almost 9 BAT earned this month.

Hi Asad

Thank you for your reply. Can clarify where to check the status of the refund? Its not reflected in Brave Browser or Uphold Wallet.

Many Thanks, saw the refund + said bonus… :grin:

I am the same situation that ceramicmonster, my Uphold account sent automatically all my BAT (5.69 BAT) to BravePublishers without my consent.
I want back my BAT money and I have auto-contribute in off mode

Hey @aponho, DM me your brave://rewards-internals info and I will issue you a refund.

hey a said when payment for MAY will be complete ?

Hi, just a few hours ago Uphold Automatically sent BAT to @BravePublishers without my consent. Am I wondering why if this feature was off this happened it? Now I read this is happening to other people. Is this intentionally?

Hello Asad,
I have the same situation as the others: Uphold Automatically sending BAT to @BravePublishers
My auto and monthly contributions, tips are off. Is it possible to assist me as well in this issue?
Thank you.

The same has happened to me, yesterday apparently I have automatically contributed to YouTube channels that I frequent. But I have always had this option disabled. And I didn’t realize it until today, since Uphold hasn’t notified me. :confused:

Hi @Asad.

I also had the same issue. My Uphold account auto-contributed my entire wallet on Uphold to @BravePublishers and I do not have auto-contribute authorized.

Please help with this!