Uphold and Brave Rewards

So I’m not sure where this should go, but I’m not happy about this at all.

I don’t use Brave to make money, but I figure while I’m using it & recommending it to people, why shouldn’t I make a penny here or there.

I must have signed up for the Brave rewards when I first started using Brave, & this company “Uphold” must have been utilized at some point because last week when I tried to log into my points area (or something) I was prevented from doing so & it wanted me to use 2FA which irked me to no end.

I had the same issue when I tried to log into my Coinbase account last year that I hadn’t been logged into for about 5-6 years.

It literally took me hours on the phone with them to get myself back into my account, but at least there I had some money (maybe $10) in the account & I could understand the situation there.

Back to Brave - I didn’t even remember Uphold & I had no e-mails from this site & they kept insisting I needed to show them my ID.

At one point I thought they were scammers trying to get my ID, but then my geek friend figured out that I must have used Google authenticator. The tech support at Uphold never MENTIONED that b/c maybe that would have rung a bell in my head. smh

Well guess what…

I just bought a new Note 9 about a month ago, & so in the most STUPIDEST way possible, I come to learn that Google authenticator does NOT allow you to transfer your account from one phone to another.


I still have the old phone, so I got the code to get into my account, but then I told Uphold that I wanted to switch to Authy b/c I read online that they DO allow you to change your account to another phone.

What a novel concept, people buy NEW phones, can you believe that???

So they told me I was going to once again jump thru HOOPS to get that changed.

I even e-mailed them my ID, but then they sent me a link I had to use instead.

I went thru their link, uploaded my scanned ID, had their system take my pic (I wasn’t dressed for it) & all was FINE until they e-mail me telling me that I CAN’T USE SCANNED ID & it didn’t work even though it said it worked when I was done.

Can you believe this (fill in a swear word here)???

How am I supposed to upload ID without it being scanned?

They implied it might be blurry & it ISN’T!!!

It’s the same clear scan I use for mulitle other sites that require my ID & no one else has EVER had a problem with it until this Uphold site.

So Brave, I’m very irked right now.

This company is causing me way too many problems for no reason. You should use another company.

I’ve asked for a manager, but I’ve already wasted at least 2-3 hours e-mailing back & forth, having to get my friend to help me, then having to charge my old phone, then figure all of this other stuff out b/c my friend thought he found an article that said that Google does let you move your account over to your new phone, but after all the steps at the bottom the article on CNET was clickbait & you can’t.

And I don’t even know if I’m made any money thru Brave.

Warning to everyone, don’t use Google authenticator!!! Just like all things Google, they (I’m not allowed to use a very tame word, so you can fill in your own!!!)

End of rant

More issues with uphold after I FINALLY got verified which took days & hours out of my life.

  1. Their site is telling me I didn’t upload my ID when of course I did otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to log in.

  2. They got my DOB wrong too.

  3. Their QR code is sooo small that the phone couldn’t pick it up. I had to zoom in to make it larger so the phone would pick it up. First time that’s ever happened.

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