Uphold and brave error

I just connected my uphold account to 4 or 5 devices, now it gives a flagged error when trying to connect the computer and the other phone, what a ridiculous event @steeven @Mattches

device I just verified

verification right after device I tried to verify right after and the error I got

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Please raise a ticket at

When I write, I can’t get a response anyway, so I’m writing here, seriously patience

@SaltyBanana look into this. thanks

I’m waiting seriously now it’s frustrating to deal with such silly problems

@SaltyBanana Will you look?

Please, open a support ticket as suggested. This is the community, we cannot help you.
A support tickket may take few days to answer, depending on the amount of tickets in the queue.
Today is weekend, you will not get any feedback neither here not from support.

Yes, patience is the key. And it is frustrating for the users. But they are overloaded. They cannot make miracles. So, some understanding is welcome.

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@mertwix what is your ticket number? cc @Evan123

this is my ticket number

I have the same issue, guess I’ll submit a ticket.
That said, would be great if Brave would allow the Brave wallet to receive Rewards. I only have Uphold for this reason and would dump them in a second if the Brave Wallet could receive Rewards. :frowning:

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