Uphold accounts not verifying

Hello. I’ve tried to create an uphold account but the account wasn’t verified don’t know why coz I followed every proceedure correctly. I was emailed that my account is verified then a second email written that I couldn’t be offered an account. Help me with that please

Hi @Joezoe Is this the first time you are signing up to uphold?
You said that your account is verified and then they couldn’t offer you an account. Which meant your account were terminate.

This could be happen mostly when you created more than one account with the same ID. they flag you then terminate your account.

If that’s not the case you must contact Uphold support for helping sign up and verification. Cause that’s who in charge of your Uphold account. I know you’ll get an auto respond email, but be patient with them. They can take some time, and I meant it, like a week or so… but they’ll reach out to you eventually.

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