Uphold account verification is not working on the desktop

I tried to log in with my Uphold account on Brave today and I came across a problem. No matter how many times I click on the link sent by email, my device is never verified and I can never login.

Can anyone tell me how to proceed in this case?

Note: I use Linux.

I also have an issue with the Uphold verification (it started the day the new BAT counter went live, so around the end of July), i already mentioned it twice but got no reply. I am on MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6 with the latest version of Brave Browser.
a screen of the issue i got will be more telling than words (which seem to be ignored anyway)

so as you can see, since the new BAT counter, next to the Uphold verification is not displayed my name anymore but a {general TAG}. Before that, everything was fine, but not anymore.

I tried to verify my Uphold account again, nope, i tried to disconnect, and reconnect, Brave from my Uphold account in the Uphold settings, but nope, nothing on my part can be done.

By the way i didn’t receive any adds for more than 1 week (but i don’ care anymore seeing how i didn’t receive 1/3 of what is shown on the screenshot which was my July rewards).

have a good day everyone.

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Any support from Brave developers?

Your screenshot seems to show that you are verified but there may be some sort of issue with the “name” string value being displayed there. I’m not exactly sure what your issue is.

Brave does not send you an email to verify your browser/wallet. You may be referring to Uphold’s KYC verification, which operates independently from Brave. Can you please be more specific as to exactly what’s happening on your end (as well as what OS you’re using – what version of Linux?)?

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I’m not talking about KYC verification, I’m talking about checking email when trying to add the Uphold account to Brave Rewards. Is this Uphold’s problem, not Brave’s?

I’m using KDE neon User Edition 5.19 x86_64 (Ubuntu 20.04)

It was working normally (my name was displayed) until the new version of rewards (with more decimals) got released.

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