Uphold account under review since 16 february

Hello, i am from Brazil and Uphold is limiting my account and preventing me from withdrawing my money for no reason, I already contacted support and they took 15 days simply said to that my account will remain blocked and that they will not say why. I have no debts, I have no problems with the law or the government, there is simply no apparent reason to block my account and confiscate my money.

Researching more about this on the internet I found a lot of reports of people with the same problem, there are even forums with thousands of people with the same problem and even accusations that Uphold is a fraud and their support just does nothing

I can’t think of any reason to limit my account, I have about 90 BATs that Uphold just won’t let me withdraw

@Leleboy Uphold always provides a bunch of reasons why, which you would have seen on their links. But they never tell you specifically. And before you go to say it’s just Uphold, this happens everywhere. As I’ve shared before, examples are below:

Also topic below:

What about Coinbase?

It literally doesn’t matter which company you look up. They all do the same thing.

Uphold explains reasons at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045765351-Why-we-block-or-restrict-accounts-and-how-to-reduce-the-risk


Just because your account is closed does not necessarily mean you can’t access your funds. Chances are high you’ll be out of luck, but you can write to ask them if they can release the funds you have on there. It may not get you the account back, but it’s worth a shot.

They literally do not answer my emails, as I show in the print I opened a ticket on the 2nd of this month that has not been answered until today, and in the previous ticket they simply said that they would not release my account, I don’t think I will get my money back, they blocked my account and confiscated the funds, even if I’m lucky enough for them to return the money that is rightfully mine, how am I going to get the next rewards from Brave? There will be no way to do this.

I read Uphold’s reasons and as I said I have no problems with justice or the government, the other reasons are also unlikely considering that the only amount I have deposited with Uphold is the 90 BATs I received as a reward from Brave

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I have the same problem, they answer the same and sent me a FAQ of reasons why…

I answered back “how its posible that an account with 70 bats like 18USD can put in risk your company lol…”

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Exactly, Saoiray might think this is normal because it didn’t happen to him, but there is a huge difference between having some reports of this with Binance (world’s largest exchange), and Uphold (which most people never heard of before Brave exist).
It is normal that there are some reports of undue blockages in the largest brokerage in the world, there are many users registered in it, but the percentage of people blocked by mistake is insignificant compared to the number of registered users, this is not the case with Uphold, the reports of people blocked and having their money confiscated for no reason are very high compared to the number of users, not to mention that Binance at least responds to support relatively efficiently

Curious how I have KYC verified account on Binance, Coinbase, BingX, Bitfinex, Biscoint, the bankrupt FTX and several other exchanges and none of them considered me a risk

No, I shared if you ever pay attention to Reddit and other sites for other companies. It’s fairly common for crypto exchanges because there’s a lot of moving parts. Not only in people committing fraud, but also in a lot of risks.

That’s not really a valid argument. I mean, look at how many people steal but don’t get caught. Or how many do drugs without overdosing and going to the hospital. Just because you don’t get “caught” or don’t have issues in other places doesn’t mean that a problem doesn’t exist.

On top of that, it doesn’t always mean it’s just you. According to their chart, it can be anything that is a risk to them or you. So if there has been an increase in fraud in the area for that company, they will limit accounts. This means it will affect you even if it wasn’t you that did anything. Or if the government starts getting stricter or has issues with the company, the same thing. It’s a lot of possibilities.

But I’ll go back to my stealing example. If I can successfully steal from Dollar General, Home Depot, and Lowes but I get caught at Walmart…does that mean that everyone other than Walmart has no issues with theft? Does it mean I did nothing wrong and only Walmart is to blame? A lot of times it just means the methods they use to detect issues is better and I just got caught. Or in others, it might just be I ran out of luck.

Am I accusing you of theft or fraud? Nope. Just used that as an example. Whatever issue might exist for them to have to review your account just falls under the same thing. They just might have more strict reviews and are catching a potential issue way before the others.

After all, how could I have cheated something if the only movement in it is the BAT rewards I received from Brave? How could that pose any risk to the company or me, well I don’t care if they think there’s any risk to them, that doesn’t give them the right to steal money that rightfully belongs to me.
By the way, it’s also interesting how they think it’s too risky to let me withdraw MY money, but they don’t think it’s risky for me to deposit more my money in their company, or even make trades since they earn on the trade fee.
My account is not being reviewed, it has been blocked and confirmed by the staff that it will not be unlocked, preventing me from withdrawing the money that is currently deposited and all future rewards I get with Brave will also be confiscated. And the reason? Well they won’t say or even respond to support, but if you think this is the typical behavior of an honest company that’s fine, I respect your opinion despite disagreeing with it and I think you would think differently if you were going through this situation

Oh, this is something I don’t agree with. I know Brave, Uphold, Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, and all other companies do this though. Not a single one will ever explain why they come to their decision. When you ask why, they explain because people had been using that information to try to learn how they “got caught” and to circumvent detection methods. But you would think they’d at least be able to explain whether it was due to fraud detection, if it’s issues within the region and isn’t User specific, or whatever.

The world is screwed up in a lot of ways. Things often don’t work the way we want them to. I also want to clarify, I’m not supporting the behavior. All my original comment and follow-up has been about is that a lot of people attack and blame like it’s just the one company doing this. What I’m emphasizing is this behavior has become the “norm” for cryptocurrency these days.

A lot of times, people just aren’t aware of it until it happens to them. We see people talk about it here or on Reddit because we’re involved in the community or we’ve come to complain about issues. But with you on Binance and others, have you seen the complaints like I shared in screenshots? Are you aware that many people are complaining and saying Binance stole from them as well? Or you were unaware because you’ve been using Binance without any issues or concerns? I could be wrong, but I’m going to guess it’s the latter.

People just often don’t pay much attention to things and are unaware of issues until it happens to them. So all I’m doing is trying to help you be more aware of the bigger picture. I know this is affecting you, so it feels more personal and bigger. Right now you might speak more negative of Uphold compared to the other companies, only because you haven’t experience this with them yet. But what will happen if suddenly the others do it to you too?

Unfortunately growing pains are happening and I feel all of your pain. I have been wanting and trying to link my rewards to uphold and gemini for a year now. I decided to make an additional account with a different phone with different service then my OG Verizon. I attempted to sign up for rewards and uphold didn’t like this. You must always check your brave wallet drop down to make sure that bnb or polygon isn’t selected and the wallet is the same as the extension wallet your using. Then the cache issue. All time clear of cache due to old errors stored in your machine folder appdata. There is so mainly variables.

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Yes, I already knew that this happens with large cryptocurrency brokerages, there have even been cases of Brazilians on Binance who had thousands of dollars blocked and this was well known in the traditional media around here.
However, as I said earlier, there is a difference between having some cases of undue blocking on Binance and Coinbase, which are among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and having cases of undue blocking with Uphold, which does not even operate worldwide, so I guess it shouldn’t have even half as many registered users as Binance has, the proportion of users that are wrongly blocked by Uphold is certainly much higher and worrying.
I have the impression that this problem is happening mostly in Latin America and maybe that’s why you can’t see that the number of reports is very high, most don’t bother to report the problem or even translate it into English, they end up leaving it aside because they must have signed up just to get the Brave reward and because it is a small amount, they end up not taking the complaint that far, but this certainly has nothing to do with the country’s regulation, otherwise other brokerages operating in the country would also have this huge amount of blocking reports.
This is a problem with Uphold, if I had to guess I would say that they have stopped supporting my country (or are close to stopping supporting it) and are blocking all new users indiscriminately, despite the fact that on their page it states that it offers support my country.
I suppose you don’t understand Portuguese, but if you enter the Brazilian Google Play, you will see that the ratings with one star are mostly from people who had their accounts blocked just like me.

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My account is also “”“”“”“under review”“”“”“”“” for two weeks now, and so far no response…

obviously the answer we already know is that uphold is going bankrupt and is holding everyone’s money to disappear with it

every time an exchange blocks withdrawals everyone knows the end is near

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Now I have no doubt that this exchange is a scam, my second ticket was finally answered after 21 days just to reinforce that they will not release my account and that they will not refund my money because I supposedly got the funds through “deceit”, which is strange to say the least considering that the ONLY thing deposited there are the BAT tokens I received as a reward from the Brave browser, and according to Brave there is nothing wrong with my account, no wonder Brave keeps depositing my rewards every month as usual, if I had committed any browser fraud I suppose I would have been banned from the rewards program. It is also curious that every month my rewards continue to be deposited normally in the Uphold wallet.
It may be working in North America, but there is certainly something very wrong with this exchange here, friends of mine who use Brave also had their Uphold accounts blocked, this is not an isolated case.