Uphold account not working in Kenya

this is the message i get when trying to open an uphold account here in Kenya.(Thanks for your interest in Uphold. Sorry, but we don’t offer services in your region right now.
Keep checking back in though because we’re always expanding!)

does this mean that i shouldn’t use brave rewards until my country is considered ?

Unfortunately, Uphold isn’t able to operate in Kenya because of some reasons.

Not necessarily. If you wanted to use rewards as solely for earning money for yourself, then maybe yes. if you wanna support creators and Brave, you can still continue using rewards.

does that mean i can still earn money for myself, if so how can i withdraw to my account?

Nope. I meant if you wanted to just earn and not support creators and stuff, it would be advisable to not use rewards since you can’t withdraw if you don’t connect to Uphold.

ouh. i get it now, thank you.

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