Uphold account issue take two

every time I log into uphold from brave browser I get this login page despite having marked remember me. also after I enter login info I have to do an email verification, as well as enter f2a. and then if I try to pull uphold account from the brave icon again id get the same issue even after verifying the minute prior. if I log in from uphold I don’t have any of the issues I get from logging in from the brave rewards icon

this issue seems to happen after the recent update but cant be sure

You’ve already posted, please be mindful of not spamming.

Try settings and provide feedback.

issue is on braves side as i have no issue with uphold

in fact when i log in from uphold i don’t have to enter any verification or email verification. only when i log in from braves wallet icon.

@jonathan84 in a DM please send the email to your original Uphold account and your current Uphold account. Will need this info to get to the root of your issue.

Hi @jonathan84 - just wanted to make sure you saw the above. Please send a DM at your convenience and we can track down this issue.