Uphold account in Spain, but Brave Rewads not allowed?


just tried to connect my uphold wallet, with Brave Rewards.
I couldn’t do it as Brave said, that the region is not supported. But in the list, Spain is mentioned as a supported country.

Can you tell me why, I can connect my uphold account with Brave rewards???


Most likely the documents you used for the KYC / AML for Uphold is from an unsupported region. The document needs to be from a supported region as that is what decided your region on the backend. Thanks.

Thanks…that could be!

But shouldn’t count the country where you are live, work, have a bank account and pay taxes???

That would make much more sense for me!

Nope. I can’t exactly answer that.

But, what you could do is that ask Uphold to do KYC again and this time can try using any spanish documents which you have, so that it may reflect as spain on the backend. That is one thing which you can try.

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