Uphold account disabled, Rewards server unavailable, restored wallet, lost ALL BAT

Have Brave on two separate desktops. Inadvertently set up two Uphold accounts. Neither worked, but last week, all of a sudden, BAT started showing up. BAT from the desktop that is rarely used.

Talked to Uphold support and they killed the account linked to my main desktop as it never worked. Then I started getting the, " Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible." message in rewards center. All BAT is apparently missing.

Found a topic on here saying to clear cookies, restart everything, and it should come back. It worked! Then I tried to verify my Uphold and ended up getting the same message. I went and tried to restore my wallet in the Rewards Center with my key… boom, ALL BAT gone… gone… Still get the server unavailable error. If I clear cookies, it’ll come back, but a few min later same error.

I see now that you can’t have multiple browsers feeding one Uphold account, but why did my BAT go away with a wallet restore? And why can’t I connect to the rewards server for more than a few min? This whole thing is driving me nuts…

You can. But one Uphold account only can be used to connect to up to 3 browsers.

I would suggest you to reconnecting your Uphold account via BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

Thanks for the response.

That’s good news… at least I know I didn’t nuke it myself.

I already reconnected to Uphold via that BAT triangle… in fact, that’s the only way I know how to do it.

Did you still see the error message after you reconnect?

Yes, the only thing so far that clears the error is clearing my cookies. Then, after a few min, the error presents itself again. Disconnect/reconnect doesn’t have any impact.

hi @eljuno , I want to ask, do you mean it can be up to 3 browsers for brave rewards? what if 4 browsers? and can we connect 1 uphold account with 3 brave browsers and 1 brave creator account? Thank you very much

Any more ideas? Seems like this sort of problem is common, but no solutions are available…

Oh, it gets better… Brave just STOLE all of my BAT from my Uphold account… just all of a sudden there’s a transaction going to ‘Brave publishers’ and poof! all gone!

See For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug

Emailed 'em, thank you sir. Still have no way of restoring my lost BAT, but at least it appears as the tiny bit I’ve earned since probably wasn’t stolen.

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