Uphold account closed after 3nd year of use

Contact Uphold support. Click the green button ‘Support’



Raise one at the above Page.

Uphold is making all US based clients provide tax information (IRS Form W9) or they are closing accounts if you do not provide by a certain date.

Not sure how it would apply to non-US based clients

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I have disconnected my wallet from gemini a month ago; by my region I should use uphold instead

my creators account was closed too.

the support did answer my ticket reopening my uphold account

This is crap. Ive been using brave for a long time and i dont file taxes because i dont work or make enough to actually be required to pay Uncle Sam any taxes. (I pay the same amount in taxes that a certain “billionaire*” former president does, but without tge fraud.) If i do have a TIN, i have no effing clue what it is.
Its rediculous that this small time entity requires special information when publicly traded coinbase can be in compliabce with US laws requiring only an ID card and and a selfie while holding a note.
The Comcast like customer service just ads more anger and frustration to this entire dumpster fire. So what happens wheb i dibt give these hosers information that i dont have? Are they going to gank my crypto ive been saving since day 1? This is so messed up.
I love brave, but if these uphold bags of Ds screw me without prooer consent , ill have to stop using brave unfortunately.
Digital IDs and CBDCs are comin soon. Unrelated, just more bad news…

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