Uphold account became unverified, cannot reverify

As the title briefly states, I opened my browser this morning and saw that I had 0 balance, went to the rewards section and it stated my wallet was unverified. Upon trying to reverify it I get the annoying device limit message. I know one of the “devices” I am stuck with is due to my old hard drive dying and taking the browser with it.

Is there anything that can be done so I can reverify my wallet? Especially since I’m reverifying on a device it was already being actively used on for over a year now?

EDIT Originally pasted in something meant for another topic. Your answer is below:

Device limit was removed a while ago. Not sure why you’d be getting it. When talked to Support before they said that message primarily has been appearing in people who are trying to link many devices at once. Such as if you’re trying to farm BAT and suddenly link 20-30+ devices, it will see it as suspicious. When the device limits were removed, plenty had gotten it, but we hardly see anyone with this issue nowadays. So I’m not sure what might have happened in your situation.

Only thing that can be said is to file a Support Ticket and someone from Brave can try to look into it with you.

So it turns out I should’ve read the message better as it isn’t a device limit issue.

Error: Limited Uphold account functionality

According to Uphold, there are currently some limitations on your Uphold account. Please log in to your Uphold account and check whether there are any notices or remaining account requirements to complete, then try again. For example, you may need to submit more information to Uphold.

I searched this up and found you gave some suggestions to someone else, but my uphold account has been active and verified for over a year so I will reach out to them first.

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@necuja Yeah, ok. Usually means they might have tried to verify your email and you missed it OR they need more documentation from you. So check your Spam folder and look for any notifications within Uphold. Other thing is just making sure you have your Profile completely filled out. When you do things like address, put it in as detailed as possible such as if someone wanted to send you a letter. It can be the simplest things that would cause problems.

Yup it’s resolved now, after an entire year of having my info on their site and saying I am fully verified they decided I needed to reconfirm my identity.

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Why suddenly Uphold wallet is disconnected. It says region / country not supported?

Issue resolved.