Upholad fee too high

sir,why bat tranjection fee is too high.Now 10 bat for every tranjection.

Which transaction u mean? Btw, u can use their uphold app transact to the currency/crypto that you want, there is no any transaction charge. Plus, if you want to withdraw better using their uphold app, there is just network fee 0.0003 BTC. But, If you transact /withdraw through website there got transaction charge.



I mean upholad to coinsbase bat transection. There are too high free as 10 bat. But before its 1 bat for each transaction… You can see my attached file there was 10 bat free… Why?

Don’t withdraw through website. Go download their uphold app. They just charge you network fee if using their app. This is what uphold support told me last time. Network fee is a must pay because you are using their platform.