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I started with 0.19.53 in which I had setup all my passwords, bookmarks, preferred settings, etc. and had told it to start Sync (“I am a new sync user”), then received the upgrade to 0.19.70…and all my user data was removed as part of the upgrade. I went to the sync configuration hoping it would at least restore most/all of what was now missing, but it is asking for “sync code words”, which was never prompted for previously so I now have to set it up from scratch again. This can’t serve as a default browser if the data is lost on every upgrade and sync can’t restore it.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Sadly, this is Opera all over again for me. Odd design flow, menu items not following the usual Windows UI layouts which are typically seen. Sync losing data just because something happened to your machine and you had to reset or you simply lost things before your next scheduled backup was run.

Being able to recover your data is a must. The sync is a great idea and the implementation has a solid foundation, but it is simply not ready for anything outside of ALPHA status.


The team will be working on re-designing the about pages.

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