Upgrade FAIL: Both Old version and New version listed, but removing Old version broke New version

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I got the notice that Brave needed to restart because it was upgraded. When I did so, the “Old” instance remained, and I had to repoint defaults to the new. Thinking this was a poor upgrade process that just installed a new instance, I uninstalled the “Old” version. Unfortunately, even though I had both the Old and the New instance in Apps (Windows 10 Pro), apparently they were not mutually exclusive. So when I uninstalled the “Old” version, Brave stopped working or even launching. Seriously? You need to design your update to not create multiple instances. I now have to reinstall and reconfigure. If this happens again, I’ll just move over to Firefox and avoid the hassle. I do like what you are doing and want to support you, but this is a nuisance I don’t have to deal with.
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