Updating paranoia

I was greeted this morning by a do not use this version, notice and so I won’t and I have no intention of updating to whatever the latest flavour of this browser offers.

Let me explain. Our connected and always on World has brought about the unfortunate mentality of always upgrading with the added bent that security is the god of Gods in modernity. Certainly no one wishes that their bank details and financial information should be vulnerable online but there is only one defence. Do not put bank and financial details online. It’s that simple. If you do do that then ensure that you have a special banking card or wallet with a minimum level of funding.

The consequence of pretty much everything online continually updating itself, Windows 10 is by far the worst, is chaos and mark my words - 'One day, person X at place A, will sit down to their keyboard, hit a key and the entire connected financial entity that makes the World go round and around will vanish.

The Brave enterprise is a financial adventure done in stupidity. I was looking for a new browser across the many OS’s and this aint’ it.

I’m a silver surfer, involved hands on with IT tech since the IBM AT and HP’s innovations, Unux and the joys of DOS. I thoroughly loathe the Apple experience. Thank you v much Brave and no thank you.

So sorry. You must. You can’t… oh dear. He said can’t.

Bye bye

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