Updating multiple computers

I maintain serveral Windows 10 boxes along with several running linux. Brave updates, although large & frequent, are fine on the linux side. I can use the same pkg (.deb in my case) download to update all like-architecture machines. If there is a way to do this for Windows 10, I haven’t found it. I am on a metered connection and would REALLY love not to have to download brave browser updates on each individual Win 10 box. Can you help? I’m not talking about the small BraveBrowserSetup.exe, but rather the 70+m payload that setup.exe downloads. All the machines in question are on a private lan, btw, and can see each other. Typically only 1 or 2 are connected to the internet at any given time.

Hello @zinger919

check this one from the github page of brave

the installer will be under the assests and there silent version too if you like

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

That’s the ticket! Thanks J!

you very welcome @zinger919