Updating metamask

Hey guys,

Is there a way for updating Metamask without reinstalling the browser?
My current Metamask version is 4.11.1. I´d like to update it to 5.0.2

Hi @juanguren,

What is Brave version that you use?

Hello @eljuno,

Brave: 0.23.39
rev: a38be75ccb0f699f507b66c4d44b3b21d1677e25
Muon: 7.1.6
OS Release: 10.0.17134

Hi @juanguren,
Apologies for late response.

Likely you’re using the soon-will-be-replaced Brave (muon). And the latest version for this is 0.25.x.

Brave is in migration process to new architecture. And unfortunately, this version will no longer receive a bug fixes, etc. Since this version will be replaced by the new Brave (0.56.x and higher). https://brave.com/new-brave-browser-release-available-for-general-download/

Upgrade for the current user to the new Brave (brave-core) is coming in weeks. Or if you want to install it manually, you can download the new version from brave.com/download

You can run it in parallel then you can import your data from prev. Brave. This new version able to install extension from Chrome Web Store, and sure it’ll always updated.



No problem. Any way of exporting tabs from the older to the newest Brave version?


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