Updated widget text too large

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Description of the issue:
The font of the bookmark widget has been changed and now is too large. This is even when the text settings on my phone is set to minimum.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Make a widget on home screen
  2. Select bookmark widget.
  3. Observe ugly large font size

Expected result:
A widget that doesn’t have “…” after each of my bookmarks.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 8
8gb ram
128 gb hdd
Android 13

Additional Information:

Same here.
I said so in my review in play store.

@mikmikmikmik I literally responded and posted the link to Github for that reason.

The fix will be in Stable (supposedly) next week, which you would have known if you clicked the link and didn’t rush with the “I also get it” comment and posting reviews in the play store for something that was already fixed by Brave Team hours ago.

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Yes I did a search before, to no avail but thank you.

Well not your fault, I was just responding to mikmikmikmik (maybe the reply button didn’t work, I don’t know), since it is clear why I posted the link, first, so you would know that it is already fixed by the time you were making your post, and then, if anyone somehow searched for the same issue (as they should) and found this post, they would read it and and just wait for the fix to be available on stable soon, which should be next week, since they even mention January 25th as the date in the Issue.

But anyway, the fix is available in Nightly already if updated manually or in tomorrow’s Nightly through Play Store and it should look normal again for everyone soon. :ok_hand:


Nightly build from play store has not helped.

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