Updated browser version, half of BAT gone

Don´t know if its just a visual bug or something. But I just updated to 1.35. After relaunching Brave my BAT went from 0.320 to 0.180. Its not much. But still worth pointing out.
Someone might want to look into that


Then I got your BATs because I got 200 more. :grinning:

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How dare you taking me BAT! Now I can’t feed my 23 children next month!


Unfortunately, I can’t change that anymore, but I wish your “little” family a lot of happiness! :wink:

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Sorry everybody, I think this is a regression in the recent 1.35 release and we’ve figured out the problem. We are working on a hotfix now. It is important to note that no BAT is lost here, this is just a display bug. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Since the update, AD is not coming up too… is it me only?

Thanks for the update. Will the hotfix be auto implemented or will we have to do it on our end?

Nothing you have to do on your end @dazzat60 your browser will update when it is available.

Actually I think I will as I’m on Linux and will still have to allow the update but not a big issue…allowed the update to 1.35 :slight_smile:

I’m on 1.35.1

Little visual polish, nice.
Everything seems to be displaying correctly at this time. :+1:

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Still showing visual display bug on my end and ads are no longer appearing I appreciate the hotfix isn’t a simple process but as long as I don’t lose any BAT I’m good

I am having the issue that from today morning I didn’t see a single ad or earn any reward.

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Hello my browser is currently on 1.35.1 and no ads are showing and my BAT balance is still incorrect visually speaking, Im hoping its just visually though and I havent actually lost anything

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There is a fix coming but as it is 11:16PM in San Francisco where it is coming from (I think) it will be a few more hours yet as they are most probably asleep. Give them some time to rest and everything will be put right.

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fair enough I saw above someone hinting it was fixed so was making sure I wasnt the only one having issues still. Thanks Dazzat and Thanks Devs for working towards a fix not many platforms have such dedicated Staff!

The Brave team do a good job and have always been more than helpful to me. Mine is also still broken but I know it will be fixed and we will be notified when.

Seems like it’s not a universal issue from what I’ve been reading, or at least not solely because of the update.
I’m still on 1.35.1 with no issues, or missing BAT.

Fix should be coming soon. Figures this would happen to the team at the same time they’re working on a Gemini fix.

Hey any word on the hotfix yet. Just curios :slight_smile:

2 Reviews pending as of now- https://github.com/brave/brave-core/pull/12128

Hey Dazzat my ads are appearing again but im still having the visual bug thats halving my total BAT. So sound like they’re rolling through the fix so my guess is by end of today GMT should be up and running (fingers crossed)