Updated Brave, lost passwords as older version of Mac OS

My wife updated Brave on her Mac. It’s an older Mac running OS 14, and it’s too old to be able to update to Catalina. The new version of Brave won’t run on the Mac, she can’t roll back to a previous version, and all the passwords she had saved in Brave appear to be lost (which is a massive problem)… is there any way to recover the passwords or roll back?

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Why do you say that?

Shouldn’t happen, especially if didn’t occur during an update (since you’re saying can’t update). I’m not sure the story of what you did or didn’t do on the device prior to saying the passwords may have disappeared. Such as, did you uninstall Brave or anything?

Or you just saying one day things were working fine and the next, with you not doing anything, the passwords disappeared? Just trying to look for more clarification of what’s going on in your situation.

Not sure about passwords as there’s a lot of possibilities of what’s going on with it. In regards to getting an older version of Brave, that’s always possible through the Github.

The last supported version for Mac 14 and prior is Brave version 1.57.64. Find the Brave-Browser-universal.dmg file in the list.

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