Updated Brave for iOS just now, missing all BAT prior to May 5th grant payout

I just updated my Brave iOS app and all of the BAT I earned prior to the May 5th payout is now missing. I had 100 BAT Balance, now only showing 19.8 BAT which was from the May 5 grant payout.

Version 1.16.1 ( Device iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 13.4)

Hello, @ztickman. No need to be alarmed; we recently identified a bug in 1.16.1 which causes Brave to report a 0 balance, when in fact the tokens are still present in your wallet. We’re going to have a fix in 1.16.2 available for you. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we’ll work to have this update for you as soon as possible.

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