Update Refreshes all Settings

Hello Everyone,

my best regards to the entire team, you have a very nice browser, but there is just a little issue. When the browser is updated by a new version, all the settings get removed, including passwords and plugins. You basically have to start again. Sure, we can save settings and sync back what we can, but the Brave Rewards start counting from zero again.

Please uphold your integrity with users and look into it.

Thanks for writing in. Does this happen for you with every update? What OS and Brave version are you currently on?

Yes I am on the latest snap version on KDE Neon and it also does not accept the recovery key for the wallet so we are always starting from zero please allow export of wallet details. And please fine tune the acceptance of the recovery key cause even if we paste as saved it still says its wrong.

At this rate its only the Brave company making the funds. Also please check why the code for sync expires if you want us to keep using this browser you have to be straight forward with us.

Brave Rewards doesn’t have a Recovery Phrase. They used to a long time ago, but it’s been over 2 years I think since it stopped. They had been developing Backup & Restore for Rewards but it was recently dropped as they said there’s some other change coming that would make it less relevant. You can see that at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/18101#issuecomment-1166926697

You talking about Brave Wallet, which is for sending, swapping, sending, and receiving crypto or are you talking about Brave Rewards where you earn and receive BAT for allowing ad notifications to be served on your device? I’m seeing you place it here on Rewards Support so assuming you aren’t literally talking Brave Wallet, but kind of wanted to drop in to ask for some clarification.

And this part I know Steeven and others from Brave will be checking in on. And even though he’s not with Brave, I know @JimB1 knows a lot about Linux. I’ll kind of be curious if he has any ideas what you might be doing that’s causing your rewards to drop, as I know others have had no issues.

If you’re losing ‘settings’ and saved passwords, are you also losing bookmarks?

I wonder if either there’s something wrong with the snap package, or, if for some reason it’s creating a new profile every time you upgrade it.

If you press Ctrl+Shift+M do you see multiple profiles listed?

Hi thanks for your reply. What happened is with the last update there was a file that actually caused it. Please check thoroughly what actually it was snuck in the backend hidden files in Snap. Once I deleted that file it stopped refreshing and losing all points perhaps all the bad reviews you could tell them to do so as well.

Now I cant even see any ads neither does it continue to rise. Funny how it works. You have a great concept but execution could use a little bit of fine tuning. Integrity matters even if your ‘sharing your ad proceeds’ lets see it.

Hi, thanks for your response. There is only one main profile but there is a guest account as well at the bottom.

@midnightBlur Just to verify, are you saying everything was good and it just was switched to Guest profile instead?

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