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Hi there,

have still problems with the latest update on my Mac (new model, High Sierra). If i search for updates in the top bar, it says, that there are no updates available. Then sometimes Mac is suddenly asking for my password to update brave. If i type in the password, the browser is showing the Update button under the URL bar. If i press it, Brave is shutting down like expected, but not restarting. if i restart it by myself the update isnt done and it is asking me again for the password…

How can i fix this?


@sankara what version of brave are you running?


0.22.13, but i had the issue with an older version as well and solved it by reinstalling the whole thing manually.



Thanks @sankara! We hopefully resolved this with 0.22.669 (which is the current release). What this means is once you’re on this version, you should be able to update without issue. Please keep us informed if you continue to see the problem after you update to 0.22.669.


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