Update G973usqu6huld probs using Forum with Brave

I use Sheets–no problem.
FB (for various health groups)–no problem.
ProtonMail–no problem.

Because the feline diabetes is a new thing with testing our cat’s blood glucose and giving shots 2x/day, my life has been fairly one dimensional, sad to say.

So I don’t have as much exposure to other platforms or programs to experience this Android pain-in-the-…

Eeek! You’re using SwiftKey with that awful intrusion/oversight/ability to read your texts, passwords, credit cards? Ack!
What are we gonna do? :sunglasses:

Do you still use the S9?

Still happens with the MS Swiftkey Keyboard…

See the result.

The problem is with the Android update, G973usqu6huld.

lol, nothing ever got stolen from me and no identity lost. I learned they have to share that since data is stored on their servers. I mean, if you want it to remember things so it can quickly put it in when you “swipe” it or to possibly autocorrect, it has to go through something. Just like on my phone, I had visual voicemail. It had to give me a notice that the information had to be processed through servers and all, in a similar fashion as you saw.

That said, it does make a person question things. The vague descriptions and warnings they give can easily be twisted.

Nah, I gave up on Google/Android. I loved them for years but after I saw them more than double down on censorship, selling user information, openly allow apps and other things that exist only to steal user data, etc I determined it was a good time to no longer support them. Same for Facebook and all.

I do hesitate here on things like chromium browsers because I know they are based on Google design and all. Though it’s supposed to be fairly private and not have connections, it wouldn’t shock me to learn things we do aren’t also somehow getting to them. But for now I’m just trusting the idea that perhaps it’s different.

Oh, and other reason to give up on S9 is battery life was getting crappy. Went from lasting days to barely lasting 5 hours before needing a charge. (well, if using it…lasting FOREVER when I have it on and not touching it)

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@Serg Sorry to tag you as not really sure how much this has to do with everything you’re on, but would you have any ideas as to anything to look at?

(Also, if you do see this Serg, can you advise of someone who works on Linux? Want to refer an issue to them. In particular: Again an APT update nuked my precious bookmarks )

I typically only have this issue when I’m editing large bodies of text, e.g. a wiki article, because Brave seems to throw a fit if the text you’re editing is too large for some reason. Firefox doesn’t care one bit. In fact, there are instances where clicking on textareas with lots of text inside them will crash the browser. It isn’t rare either, so long as you do that sort of thing often enough. It depends on your use case. Maybe that’s related somehow.

It could also be some script the forum uses that doesn’t play nice with Brave. The keyboard used, in my experience, doesn’t matter because the lag happens in the browser.

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Well it is I who created that APT kills my bookmarks, do read the topic I have added an entry.

I haven’t used Firefox in awhile… I tried Opera, and while it worked better than Brave for the forum, it started the nonsense after a few lines of text. I’ll try Firefox and report later. Thanks!

Using Firefox for the forum and so far it doesn’t misbehave, unlike Brave & Opera.

Forgot to mention earlier, what I’m entering is not that large, but nevertheless, Brave nor Opera work without the issues–making those browsers impossibleto use. Using Firefox for the forum and so far it doesn’t misbehave.

At first I thought Firefox was working, but no. All three browsers that I know to use behave so horribly. This includes Brave, Opera, and Firefox. The Android update of G973usqu6huld is HORRIBLE.

Lmao, hate to tell you I told you so, but…

At least glad to know it’s not the browser and all. Not really sure what the answer is in the long run. Part of my instinct is telling me it’s a RAM issue but I have no justification for that. I think it’s just knowing back when I had issues on my Galaxy S9, removing a couple apps and all reduced how often it occurred. More things I tried doing or had running, the more often it would act up.

Unfortunately there’s this whole scientific and logical aspect that states, “correlation is not causation.” So you can take that whole prior paragraph and toss it out the window. :rofl:

Anyway, I hope you get it figured out soon. Or perhaps you just need to do what I did…toss that Android to the side and get an iPhone. :upside_down_face: (Which isn’t bad, but still a lot to adapt to. What hurts the most is no more BAT earnings. :sob:)

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Not sure what is that looking on the fact that it happens on other browsers that are not chromium based. Maybe try to search on some Samsung forums?

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Interesting, I just replied to a post using Brave and it worked! No strange spacing and such. I’ll try again.

Yes, your recent and other post with comparing Android to Apple has me thinking… maybe next upgrade… my daughter’s fiancé made the switch in the last year.
UGH! I may have to do the same. The security issues you mentioned make sense. Thank you.

Had another Android update, but it did not resolve the issue.

Today, I tried out yet another browser on Android phone. An update messed me up using Brave, Firefox, and Opera.
It works using Chrome, though. UGH!

lmao, doesn’t make any sense. It should just be an issue with the keyboard and/or system. SO it would be weird if you’re saying keyboard input only is acting up when you’re not using Chrome. Heck, that would almost sound quite fishy if that’s the case. I mean, Google owned operating system doing an update that causes you to have issues whenever not using a Google owned web browser? :thinking:

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It doesn’t make any sense to me either. Daughter uses Apple and while mentioning this problem to her, she said, let’s try it on my phone. Ok, which browser does she use? Chrome. Huh, I have Chrome loaded on my Android device, too. Tried it and my reply entry worked. No issues.