Update failure and re-installation questions

I’m unable to update Brave Browser (desktop). I get the following error: “An error occurred while checking for updates: The download failed. (error code 7: 0x80072F7D – system level).”

When I click on the “learn more” button, it takes me to: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042816611-Why-isn-t-Brave-updating-automatically-on-Windows-

Since I didn’t download the application via github, and it automatically updated for some time, I tried to reboot many times, with no success. The first issue I come across is, why do I need to copy the “User Data” file and also have to copy the “Brave-Browser” file, since the “User Data” file is inside the “Brave-Browser” file already? (Also, the post fails to give instructions on restoring said files, although I am confident I know how anyway)

Then the link tells me to uninstall Brave…which leads me to my next question. When I start to do so, it asks: “Also delete your browsing data?” Obviously I don’t…or do I? Since I copied the other files, what do I do here? Will not deleting my browsing data fail to fix my updating issue?

That leads me to my primary question which has no mention in the link: Do I lose my Bookmarks or not? I know how to save the html file to import, so I think I can safely assume I can restore all bookmarks. My main problem is, the link gives woefully insufficient information…not to mention grammatical errors galore. I want to make sure all my settings, bookmarks, and extensions/add-ons are saved. As well as the proper process to restore them. None of the articles I found so far answers these questions competently.

(PS. I think this would be easier to explain, if you allowed screen captures, or had a chat support option)

Version 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

You should be able to post screen shots in here, if you think it will help then that should work.

As long as you answer ‘No’ to that question I don’t think you will lose your data, or need to do anything special after a reinstall. But don’t take my word for it, and take some backups first; or at minimum, set up Brave Sync and let it sync everything to your chain.

But I would suggest exploring the auto-updating issue a little more first. What version of Windows are you on? Do you have any firewall products installed?

I didn’t see anywhere to insert a pic file so… As for the rest, the support link for the error told me to save the user data and, for some reason, it’s parent folder “Brave-Browser”…IDK why, if the uninstall offers the option to save it. As for Brave Sync…I’ve never used it, and I haven’t a clue as to what a “chain” is. lol But I’ll check into that…hesitantly. I don’t particularly like anything that syncs my data with external servers. Also, it’s Windows 7 professional, and I only use the firewall windows comes with, but use a VPN. That’s never been an issue before.

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There’s a little ‘Upload’ button in the toolbar of the editor box.
You can also paste directly into the editor box if you’ve got something on your clipboard.

A sync chain is like an ‘account’, more or less, you can attach devices to that chain and sync data into and out of it. Understand your concerns about syncing data externally, Brave’s Sync is pretty good in that your data upload locally first before uploading – so neither they nor anyone else have access to the actual content.

The reason I asked about which version of Windows: Windows 7 is so far out of support, that many SSL certificates used widely on the Internet expired recently and Win7 wouldn’t automatically get updated certificates. We had a ton of posts here of all sorts of random problems, some of them quite obscure, that could be traced back to that issue.

See here for a workaround: For users encountering NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error

It may not be your issue under the hood, but it’s an easy target.

I wasn’t sure if that’s what the upload button meant…now I know…thanks.

As for running an outdated OS, I’ve never had any issues with SSL certificates in any outdated version I’ve used since the very first Windows…so far.

I’m never going with WinX, and unless they drop the literal spyware and return the “choice” of Windows updates to the user…I doubt I’ll be using Windows 11 either. Big Tech has gotten too big. If worse comes to worse, I can always go back to how life was in the 70’s…unplugged. lol

I’ll try the reinstall option of, saving the bookmarks html, and the user data folder…I’m relatively sure that’ll work fine. Although, since everything is working fine as it is, I may hold off for a while. I just like to keep my browser updated, preferably without jumping through a bunch of hoops to do so. Thanks for the help…I’ll save that workaround link for a rainy day.

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