Update failed (error: 12)

Receiving an error while trying to update my Brave browser on Mac, tried reinstalling it before with the newest version of Brave, however once the new update is live the error persists. Tried installing Brave Nightly and Beta, same issue on either of them.

In addition to that, Chrome is also getting the same error message on same computer.

What do you see when you click Learn More?

https://community.brave.com/ main page :smiley:

If it is happening on chrome too, I wonder if maybe it’s the OS? Have you tried updating MacOS or restarting?

I have faced this and heres how to fix it. You likely have a bunch of tabs open. You will need to close them all down for brave to update. You could try reinstalling here once everything is closed. Once you do that launch it it should be able to continue updating until you see a blue check mark on the update screen. Hope this helps

Yes, of course, does not help

Reinstalling only helps for the current update, further updates will receive the same error message for me.

I see you had the same issue earlier this year as noted in this post.
Also, have you tried clearing the cache?

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