Update failed and synch issue question

*Dear community

Description of the issues:
1.Browser does not update (details at end of message
2.My mobile phone browser brave ads and balance is not synched with my laptops’ browser balance. Also widgets are not syncing. Is this normal?

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.share in community
2.find a solution and guidance
3.update & synch accounts

Expected result:latest update. Full synch of my balances and widgets in both laptop and mobile browsers

Brave Version : 89.0.4389.114

** Additional Information: browser update issue error code 3: 0x80070057 **

Try to quit Brave, kill all Brave processes via Task Manager, relaunch and try to update again.

Unless it’s connected to the same Uphold account, the balance will not synced.

Did you mean widget on New Tab Page?

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