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Can you please add a button that clicks all the update buttons at one time? I noticed I have to constantly do this to get YouTube to work. It would be nice if you at least provided a “Update All” button.


Allowing it to update more frequently is better here, and a fix is on its way

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Yeah, that’s the ideal scenario, but I don’t understand why it would hurt to have it. It’s a decent quality-of-life option.


@fanboynz By the way, could you check what the issue is with the components here?

If restarting Brave doesn’t work, then maybe re-install?

As I mentioned in the linked post, the issue is with the component auto-updates. After I’ve woken up the computer from hibernate mode, I head to brave://components/ and they throw an update error (screenshot attached in the linked post), and then I have to manually update them or relaunch the browser.

Well, when the computer gets on from hibernation/sleep, it won’t have internet connection, or usually it doesn’t like if your computer has deep sleep or whatever. Maybe Brave is verifying updates, since many hours have passed (apparently) and there is no internet connection.

Did you actually check if it works after 5 when it tries to update the components again? that would mean it is buggy, if not, it is probably what I explained that could be the reason, since you are not starting the browser, so it doesn’t check updates on Launch, 15 minutes after Lunch and it couldn’t check updates after the 5 hours.

Anyway, they are changing it to 100 minutes, every 100 minutes it will check updates to

  • Brave Ad Block Resources Library
  • Brave Ad Block Updater
  • Brave Ad Block First Party Filters

I mean, I know people want to update their components fast, especially with Youtube and many updates happening about it, but it is not as necessary as people make it to be.
By default uBlock uses the 4 hours, so it wasn’t as different as Brave’s 5 hours, now it should be better with 2 hours.

About this post, I don’t understand why the OP wants a button to update all components, components don’t get updated as often, and nobody should be manually updating them anyway, it is a weird request. Better if they add a ‘update all’ button to Custom Lists, which are meant to be manually updated if necessary, even if now Custom Filter lists take expires flag into consideration.

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