Update button made Brave inoperable


I´m new to Brave, and love it. But after a few days of using it there was a red Update button on the left. I hit it. And since then Brave won´t launch, no matter what I do.
Any suggestions?

All the best,
Lars (bombeij)


What version of Brave are you on? You can get it from the about:Brave page and what OS are you using?


Hi @bombeij

Brave doesn’t have a red update button as far as I can recall. What is your OS?



Hi Lauren,
Oh yes there was a red button on the upper right hand side in the browser.
I pressed it. Hence my inquiry.

I have OS 10.9.5 see specifics in the attachments.

All the best,


Not sure why your button was red, but we do have an issue logged for the update problem. Thanks for confirming you’re on 10.9.5 - this OS seems to be affected but other versions of MacOS have not had the issue reported (yet).



For what it’s worth, the button is orange on my screen and I logged the same issue. Probably just a matter of monitor tuning or even personal visual color perception.


Good call @scoiner - I bet you’re right. Thanks for mentioning that :slight_smile:


To anyone interested (cross-posting):


Thanks Lauren, unfortunately your instructions ended mid sentence. (or don´t I know how to read the whole thing?)


You can click expand button on the right @bombeij

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