Upcoming Solutions (welcomed good news)

just installed the new nightly version and this is my result

you can now verify your browser wallet and there is a withdraw function but it isnt working yet. @asad @mattches and everyone working at Brave Great work

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Did you have to enable any flags or change any settings in order to have that menu option?

No Flags were enabled. everything is default.

Nick @Yellow_Bit_Road, Sampson@BraveSampson, Uphold, BrendanEich, and I (Onakunle Dipo@onunx)

were on a thread and realised the non-functioning withdraw button

was a bug and was going to be looked at and fixed


on my current official release of brave Brave is up to date
Version 0.67.119 Chromium: 76.0.3809.72 (Official Build) (32-bit) it doesn’t just show in the menu it has an icon in the url bar


update post about pending contribution

this feature has made it way to Version 0.67.119 Chromium: 76.0.3809.72 (Official Build) (32-bit). Please I forgot to add in my last post this version is on pre-release and can be gotten on github

Latest Brave version. Ads now available for Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Release note in screenshot

New feature
Inline tipping for GitHub projects and comments. Currently only on Nightly

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Newish Feature
I forgot to drop this here it is the new tab background feature. I have known about this for a while but failed to upload it because I felt it wasn’t too important

New Features
Profile menu is being worked on and now we have a little preview

Browsing as guest feels a lot like browsing in Incognito but they are a bit different. This difference is only noticed if you look at the top right corner and do not see the incognito icon and the word private. Besides that they both feel alike from the entrance page to the color scheme.



spotting the difference is like playing where is waldo

Huge News
More ads location are being put in place
The screenshot below would show you all

"AR",  // Argentina
"AT",  // Austria
"BR",  // Brazil
"CH",  // Switzerland
"CL",  // Chile
"CO",  // Colombia
"DK",  // Denmark
"EC",  // Ecuador
"IL",  // Israel
"IN",  // India
"IT",  // Italy
"JP",  // Japan
"KR",  // Korea
"MX",  // Mexico
"NL",  // Netherlands
"PE",  // Peru
"PH",  // Philippines
"PL",  // Poland
"SE",  // Sweden
"SG",  // Singapore
"VE",  // Venezuela
"ZA",   // South Africa

For people that wanted a cryto wallet attached to brave one has been created
on First load it takes a while to load but it loads fine after that.
it is a metamask wallet.
some of the screenshots

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An Update on the background Feature
Now once you hover on the stats counter a dropdown icon appears and when clicked gives the option to remove stat

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Update on shield settings

Advance view

Simple view

Reward Update
This is going to be my last update on brave ads reward for a while.
I am back in Nigeria and can’t receive ads in my region. Ahhhhhh!!! Why am I not in South Africa right now!!!
So here we go.
Brave now gives you the option to Like or dislike an ad so it can better suit you.
So here we go with the screenshot.


For those expecting an update on Crypto Wallet and other Nightly development, I can’t post for some certain reason.

  1. I have been having a little problem with my Brave creator’s account.
    PS it is just some uncleared tips donated by some people on the internet. So I have been in talks with The Brave team over it and it is being cleared up.
    It was due to the fact I had been under review 3 times now. So the fraud system has me on serious watch list. This has been the reason I had not had time to explore brave://wallet.
  2. Apart from Crypto wallet most other updates haven’t been too significant enough to report on. Things like changing the “verified” on brave reward wallet to “verified wallet”. So I found that insignificant.

For those wondering how can a ’Community Ninja’ be on review? It happens, I had most of my community donate to me to support a personal project. It was quite a large crowd. I preferred sending the .apk file of brave using file sharing apps like Xender than downloading it. @iznai knows the feeling to get a Nigerian to use his data when you can send it over wifi. I first got under review for almost obsessively checking the publisher platform almost every min during my donation drive but that only lasted I think 2 days. The next review was when too many tips entered at once but that only lasted a few hours. The third was when the donation got too large for a small publisher with a little over 20 download and may be 6 confirmed but over 600 people tipping. It all got Cleared up, The Brave team and I handled everything. After that was when I became a ’Community Ninja’ . This position is due to my natural work ethics. I always give over a 100% to anything am committed to. Be it donation drive or helping out on the community.
PS All the uncleared tips were non-grant. So personally funded wallets.
So my promise is to publish my findings on Crypto wallet after this month’s payout.

I am really sorry.
Dipo Onakunle.
Community Ninja

Dark mode on brave mobile. Upcoming android version.

looks like wallets would soon be having a 24hr update time instead of the weekly system currently used


finally implemented.

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