Upcoming Brave Rewards Payout(s) - April 5th & Delay Correlation w/Token Price Performance

Just an observation and comment to pre-empt the upcoming rewards payout. For the last couple of months BAT has seen positive market performance and price increases just before the payout date. Every month before Feb. I received payout promptly first thing in the AM the date of payout on the 5th of the month…however the last two months have seen substantial delays in BAT payout of up to almost a week. It also happened that the last two months saw BAT at or near all-time highs coming into the 5th and market cycles coincidentally meant pride had dropped quite a bit once tokens were finally credited. Obviously this could be coincidence but also leads one to ponder other scenarios. BAT has experienced meteoric rises in price in form with the overall bull market and there’s a good chance to come into the 5th of April at significant all-time highs again. If this is the case one would hope to see payouts completed quickly and at the scheduled time seeing as how it is possible for them to be sent on the appropriate date. Everything going out at once would likely be more stable than rolling out slowly to smaller groups who obviously put significant sell pressure on the market and affect price maybe because the psychology says they’re one part of the greater whole…and if this isn’t the case providing everyone the same opportunity to capitalize on the market if they so chose or hodl like most of us do that should be an options granted to all. Sorry for rambling and wish everyone at Brave another safe, healthy, and successful month!

HI @cryptodonis - thanks for your post. I can assure you that payments will go out as quickly as they are able to process. The rise in price has no effect on this process. Our platform is growing and we are working hard everyday to improve the speed and experience of the payout process. Thank you for your patience along the way.

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Thanks for the response steeven! That probably answers my question about token count going down and not showing up in my Uphold wallet yet.
I’m glad Brave is growing so fast! Thanks to all Brave Support people!

Then how about publisher payout

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