Up to 10 .exe brave files running in Taks Manager

I am experiencing problem that many of you certainly already has experienced I have been using brave for 4 years. But on my PC I am experiencing a problem with running several .exe files in Task Manager and making Brave slower to navigate through webpages. What I am supposed to do guys? I have disabled running in background mode I am using the same extentions on my laptop there is no problem. I have tried these:
-disabled running in background
-I am using the same extentions on my laptop it has a chain with my PC’s Brave Browser and there is not a problem in Task Manager
What should I do then?
I will be thankful! :slight_smile:

@Proton563 when you say .exe files, do you mean like you see below in screenshot?

If so, this is normal and how things are intended. You can choose to open Command Line on your Task Manager to see more of what they do, but otherwise kind of shows from Brave’s own Task Manager, such as below, as well (you can access by pressing Shift + Esc on Windows or you can go to the Hamburger Menu image → More Tools → Task Manager.

Essentially you’ll have Crashpad, which is checking for any crash reports and trying to upload. You’ll have graphics renderers, auto update, extensions, sound, etc. Each has their own process.

It is done this way to increase performance on your device but also so if one fails, it doesn’t cause the whole browser/app to crash. You can read more on the reasoning for it at links such as shown below:

This claim is inaccurate. At least that each being open doesn’t actually slow the pages in itself. It’s possible you could have extensions that are pulling a lot of resources or you might be running something heavy on multiple tabs/windows, but it would all be about what you have going on. And with all Chromium browsers, including Brave, they have added things like Memory Saver which helps by putting tabs to sleep when you aren’t using them. For example:


I have .exe files running in background separated each from other. I have reinstalled brave browser and it is freezing and opening the browser itself slowly

Share screenshot. I don’t think you’re saying anything different. It’s all about what options you have. For example, screenshot I shared before…I’ll pull up again now.

But if I right mouse click and tell it to show me Process Name, guess what shows?

Each open tab and process within the browser gets its own listing.

It doesn’t have a drop down option like you’re showing. I cannot show you because I have reinstalled it.

I’m on Windows 11 Pro. Not sure what you’re using, especially since you tagged Windows, Linux, and Mac on your topic, then never shared additional details. But if you’re on something different the task manager design obviously will have a different appearance.

In any case, I suggest you read the links I provided so you can learn more on how the processes work

Let me get through the new Brave if everything is ok i will be thankful. If it isn’t I will sent you details so we can both fix it, is that ok?

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This is something that I too have noticed for the past few days. CPU spikes to 100% on starting brave. Redownloaded Brave, Restarted the machine. Haven’t pinpointed the cause beyond this point… but I’ll keep ya posted on any progress.

Am seeing The SQLLite DB fill up one about one MB per second.
On top of that,
discovered that the application is unable to retrieve history and delete it.
There was no timeout message.

Attempted to clear history and restart the application.
Application hung in the Advanced Tab and then in the basic tab.

I was able to delete my history and restart the browser which eliminated the issue.

Started again
FlutterFlow or some other PWA might be the culprit.

UPDATE - 1/5/2024
Issue Continues. Powershell seems to identify System Diagnostics by Brave as a suspect.

UPDATE - 1/5/2024
Brave update BRV010 downloaded and installed from website. Previous download JMA500 carried the same issues. So far so good.

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