Unwelcome ads on my phone....from Brave


I’m hoping someone can help me out here. This is somewhat ironic - I recently started receiving ads on my Android phone, primarily for the Brave Browser - these all link to Google Play, have the Adchoice icon in the corner, and always show up when the phone has been in sleep mode. It is the first thing I see. Google is not serving the Ad, so it must be from a 3rd pary company. I have opted out of all the companies who subscribe to the advertisers consortium (DAA?), but I’m still receiving adds. One of these does not seem to accept the Opt-Out - Adbrain. If Brave is using this company, it would be nice if they did something about it.

As for the irony of this - I may have to install and Ad Blocker such as Brave, to stop receiving unwanted ads from Brave.


Hi @Richb

A member of the Brave staff, @luke.mulks has written about what is happening and how it is being combated here: How do I stop Brave pop-up ads

Please do follow that thread and add any additional information to it that you think is helpful. We’re very sorry you’re experiencing this.



Thanks - I appreciate the very fast response. I read thru the post, and it appears that this may be solved by Google. I hope so.


You’re welcome. We’re taking this very seriously. I’m going to close this thread as all updates will be on the linked thread. Thank you for reporting this issue.



Are you aware I keep getting nude female ads, only when Brave is my browser! Says “Blonde or Brunette?”


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