Unwelcome ads on my phone....from Brave


I’m hoping someone can help me out here. This is somewhat ironic - I recently started receiving ads on my Android phone, primarily for the Brave Browser - these all link to Google Play, have the Adchoice icon in the corner, and always show up when the phone has been in sleep mode. It is the first thing I see. Google is not serving the Ad, so it must be from a 3rd pary company. I have opted out of all the companies who subscribe to the advertisers consortium (DAA?), but I’m still receiving adds. One of these does not seem to accept the Opt-Out - Adbrain. If Brave is using this company, it would be nice if they did something about it.

As for the irony of this - I may have to install and Ad Blocker such as Brave, to stop receiving unwanted ads from Brave.


Hi @Richb

A member of the Brave staff, @luke.mulks has written about what is happening and how it is being combated here: How do I stop Brave pop-up ads

Please do follow that thread and add any additional information to it that you think is helpful. We’re very sorry you’re experiencing this.



Thanks - I appreciate the very fast response. I read thru the post, and it appears that this may be solved by Google. I hope so.


You’re welcome. We’re taking this very seriously. I’m going to close this thread as all updates will be on the linked thread. Thank you for reporting this issue.