Unwanted Twitch browser tab opens even after reinstall

Between 1-3 Twitch.tv tabs keep opening. After Twitch discontinued support for any browser that were not Safari, Chrome, or Firefox… this issue began for me. Going on months of troubleshooting now… becoming an obsession apparently.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Happens anytime a network or blue tooth is disabled or enabled. This issue persists after all extensions removed, cache clear, network disable, app reinstall, even windows restore.

  1. Disable network.
  2. See between 1 to 3 Twitch .tv tabs open by themselves without any prompt.
  3. Re-enable network.
  4. See between 1 to 3 Twitch .tv tabs open by themselves again without any prompt.

Expected result:
Twitch.tv tabs close and stay closed forever, until I open them again.

*Please Note:

  • I’m not trying to reach Twitch.tv in Brave. I know that is no longer possible, and have not tried for months. I just want the tabs to stop opening randomly.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87

Additional Information:
I’ve spent about 300+ hours trying to solve for this issue. Reporting the line in app with zero replies. No support channel to reach out to. Had to make a communities account here, and don’t even know how to use all the UI. Would be WAY easier just to switch back to Firefox… trying not to give up on Brave.

While adding this topic getting an error saying “New users can only have up to 4 links in a post”… but didn’t have any links… and it’s markup anyhow… so shouldn’t I need to add in the URL for the hyperlink to activate? I’m so confused with Brave’s UI/UX decisions.

Edit: Ah I see… even though the editor hasn’t turned “Twitch.tv” into a link yet… once posted, those will be links, so I’m getting an error thrown as a new user before I even know Im adding in links. Good times.

When a link is link, it has a link on it. You cannot say text which is not a link, is a link, when it’s not yet a link. Both my face and my palm hurt.

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