Unwanted opening of multiple windows when restore

Description of the issue

Brave browsers opens multiple windows (with “New Tab” in them) when ever I restore my previously closed tabs!

How can this issue be reproduced?


Expected result

Just the windows that were opened when Brave was closed, and same should be opened when I restore them (no other unwanted windows should not be opening.

Brave Version

Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information


@MridunGupta Hi and welcome to the community.

I do not understand what you mean by “restore my previously closed tabs”. Are you experiencing browser error(s)? Can you please give a step-by-step and/or explain what you mean by “restore”. Also, please post the setting you have enabled for On startup at brave://settings/getStarted.

Usually, what happens when opening/closing Brave Browser is determined by your On startup setting at brave://settings/getStarted. You should not have to “restore” sessions unless you are getting an error or are having some other problem. Please clarify events and settings in an update. Thanks!

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When I do Ctrl + Shift + T, it continues where I left off, but it also opens some random windows with it!

Thank-you for the additional information. I am on win10/Brave version 1.46.144. I tested and Ctrl+Shift+T is working as expected for me.

Please try the following and test to see if the behavior still occurs.

  1. Clear cookies/cache for All time at `brave://settings/clearBrowserData then close and reopen the browser.
  2. Disable extensions if you have any installed.

Please post an update. Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion, but I would like to inform you that there is no extension installed, and I have tried even reinstalling the browser, and I have tested it out on Windows 10 (on my laptop) and noticed that this issue is only happening with Windows 11 and that too if I restart the machine, or I turn on the machine after some time of shutdown, a regular restart of the browser windows does not cause this issue.

Found this Brave GitHub Issue Report:

Looks like it is a known issue awaiting more information. It has been assigned a P5, which is a very low priority. Since the issue also has a Chromium/awaiting upstream tag, that indicates it is probably a Chromium issue and awaiting a fix in a future Chromium release.

You may want to try installing the Beta version and see if the behavior still occurs. Please post an update if you do install Beta.

I have added your topic as a +1 to the issue report. Also tagging Brave support for visibility. Support may have additional information about this issue.

@Mattches for visibility

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Thank you, @Chocoholic for your assistance, and I already on Brave Beta.

@MridunGupta Is the behavior occurring in the Beta version? Beta is on a different Chromium release: Chromium: 109.0.5414.46. I am wondering if the issue is fixed in that Chromium version. If it is, Brave 1.47.x is scheduled for release on January 10, so shouldn’t have to wait long for a fix in the Release version of Brave.

Source: Brave Release Schedule

I am with Beta Brave.

Is Beta working as expected?

On Windows 10, it’s working as expected! (but not on Windows 11)

Latest updated version helped me.