Unwanted extension on Brave Browser

Description of the issue:

  1. A strip appears at the top, either when browsing though YouTube and any online purchasing site offering “Shopping Recommendations” when an item (either for sale or on Youtube) showing supposedly cheaper item available by another company or seller. Wouldn’t be so bad if 99% of the time, the item shown has no bearing whatsoever on the item being purchased and on the rare occasion when it does, it’s substantially more expensive. I have checked and it does not appear as an extension, So I assume it must be some sort of malware. It is maddeningly intrusive and utterly useless. I would point out that this strip does not appear on Chrome.
    I have tried removing malware
    How can this issue be reproduced?
    Being suspected malware, don’t know what to suggest.
    Expected result:*
    Hoping to get rid of this useless piece of software/malware
    Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Hi @Effell,
Can you go to brave://extensions/, and make sure you don’t have any unwanted extensions installed.
Also, when on youtube, can you confirm you have Shields Up? And if so, can you share a screenshot of those settings.?

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