Unwanted cookie dumping

Description of the issue:
hello !
there was an update recently as I got a “what’s new” this morning… and now Brave seems to be cookie dumping when I close it, without me asking for this. I had to log into all my acc for all my website (noticed this we google drive and spotify when I wanted to work) and the minute I close and reopen, im logged out (like a cookie dump or data dump happened)
however I don’t see anything on my settings that would lead to this and I did change anything in them for ages now so I don’t see why it would do this

2023-11-09 20_58_48-Settings - Cookies and other site data - Brave

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open brave and log in using any website
  2. close brave
  3. open again and you’re logged out…

Expected result:
logged out even tho you don’t want it / never asked

Brave Version( check About Brave):

thanks for the help ! happens with Brave and also installed apps (like spotify, and the brave app that makes a pop up, not the actual spotify software)

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