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I had to install the Brave browser again after doing maintenance on the PC and I cannot connect the Brave Rewards to the Wallet to deposit the rewards because all the slots are occupied. How can I log out of the other Brave Rewards pages if I can no longer access them? And how can I move the rewards to the wallet if the Claim button hasn’t appeared yet? Be that as it may, it’s January 10th and the December rewards have disappeared. Can I get help?

You can use this to remove 1 device limit How to submit a wallet unlinking request

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Thank you, but when i come to Brave rewards internal, External wallet says that is not connected…i dont know how rescue old data to disconnect old wallet and link this new one…because i had to reinstall the browser and it counts it as a new link for me

The most important bit of information we need here is the custodian/Uphold member ID. There are instructions in the link above on how to find this information on the old Uphold layout.

However, if you’re using the new uphold layout, you can find it by visiting Uphold.com and signing into your account, clicking the “more” options button on the left-hand side menu, the go to Profile – here, you should see your member ID listed.

Thank you
My Uphold member ID is this

You need to fill out the Unlinking request form and provide this information there.

Done, waiting for support reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

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