Unverified Wallet on Broke Android Phone

I was using Brave on my android for a few months and had about 12 BAT which was not enough for a verified wallet as I believe I needed 25 BAT. Unfortunately, my phone stopped working this past week and no longer turns on. I now have to get a new replacement phone, but I was wondering if the BAT that already accrued due to my use on the now broken android could somehow be transferred over to my new device or is that BAT lost forever? Since the old android doesn’t power on at all, I am not able to transfer any data from the old phone to the new one. Appreciate any info somebody may be able to provide.


There is nothing you can do, if your phone is not turning on. So, do something about phone.

Even if the phone turned on there would be no way to transfer the BAT over regardless as you would had to have had it connected to Uphold so that balance would transfer over to Uphold come payout date, but you needed 15 BAT for that, no longer 25. For the future phone at least, you can connect it to Uphold if you connect Brave to a PC and create an Uphold account as there is no 15 BAT minimum for PCs. But not sure if you have it connected to a PC or would rather not. Do keep in mind there is a 4 max lifetime device limit as well when you do have brave connected to Uphold. So your new phone would clearly be deserving of 1 of these 4 max lifetime limits.

Thanks for the reply. Definitely not what I was hoping to hear, but it makes sense.

Given enough time and enough people voicing these concerns and I am hopeful it will be implemented eventually. I am sure at some point within these next few years it has to be fixed.

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