Unverified Creator and tipping

How do I re-verify my channels that were previously verified? Also is it still possible to tip users who are not verified creators?

Go to https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ and set up your websites. Or if the sites are already there, make sure you’re set up for crypto wallets and/or for custodial accounts.

No, not to my knowledge. It will show like below:


As you can see, it’s grayed out on the option to send contribution. When Brave got rid of vBAT, that went out too. You must have payments set up.

Keep in mind tipping is only for those same setup. So if you’re connected to Uphold, only people using Uphold can tip. Same with others.

But then Brave does have on chain tipping now. If you hadn’t been following that, you might want to check out a post I made. I speak on it but then provide official links as well:

All of my channels have been linked and verified since 2018. It’s only as of recent that I noticed it wasn’t verified and that people were not able to send a contribution.

This herein lie the issue. Besides the fact that I was already previously verified on all my channels and now it says that i’m not, because of it says i’m not no one is able to contribute to my channels. A large reason why I promote and support Brave Browser is it’s ability to allow tipping people for their content on their pages. If I can’t tip people it doesn’t incentivize them to want to be apart of the economy, and of course for creators who were supposed to already be verified such as myself if we can’t get tips on our channels then we don’t have a practical way of monetizing our content using the Brave Eco system.

I’ve always been connected with Uphold since inception. If this is the reason for a verification issue then I’m not sure why because I’m still connected according to my publisher’s dashboard. Is there some way this issue can be looked into? @Mattches

You could create a Creators Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=10061687185549 to see if they can help. And of course you have tagged in Mattches, so either way hopefully they’ll reach out. But the support tickets are a big help if you can do it, as it makes sure they have all the information they need. If you get that submitted, maybe reply here with a ticket number (assuming the ticket confirmation provides one to you), so they’ll be able to help you a lot quicker.

If you had link to content, I’d have taken a look to see if it shows anything for me on being able to tip. But someone from Brave should definitely be able to help regardless.

Okay I did that, I’m just waiting on a response.

@AnimaterCreator We’re investigating your issue.
You should expect a response from us through your ticket submission once we have more information on the matter.

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