Unverified account after upgrading the device

Description of the issue:

Every time I enter brave my account comes out as unverified and I have to close it, clear cache and enter again, I don’t get any more ads either.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( ).

1.47.186 but it started to malfunction in a previous.

Mobile Device details

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, android 13

Additional Information:

After samsung security update it started happening.

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Does restarting Brave help ?

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it does not work. Now something else happened, at the end of the month they had to pay me 850 bats for the past ads that I was able to see and they didn’t give me anything and it automatically appears that they will pay me 150 bats for the month of February without seeing any ads

The banner is a generic one. You might get a higher pay than is displayed there.

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