Unusual search suggestion (probux.com)

I am on the desktop version 1.3.118, 64 bit on macOS and I although I customize my settings for as much security as Brave offers, part of which includes not allowing cookies to be saved unless I explicitly allow it and the deletion of all data on exit, I am receiving an unusual search suggestion in my search bar. There are certain popular sites that are suggested that I never visit, like Alibaba and WordPress, and most recently I see that I am being suggested a site named probux.com.

As far as I can tell from source code and random adware blogs with this domain within it, this is a blank site that tracks you for marketing purposes? Not sure, but I don’t see how I caused this site to appear in my search suggestions. If I did, I am troubled that I can’t seem to remove it. If I didn’t, I am troubled that Brave is suggesting this to me.

I only have duckduckgo and startpage as my search engines, and I have tried deleting all data on brave and deleting any bookmarks that I don’t trust.

I would appreciate any clarification, explanation or solution on this matter.


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